Flour Blending Technology

Flour Blending

The production scale of flour mills is different, then the flour blending process is also slightly different. It is mainly reflected in the difference between the type of flour storage bin and the selection of flour blending equipment.

The flour mill processing capacity less than 250 tons/day could not need to set up a flour bulk storage bin, flour can directly enter the flour blending bin. There are generally 6-8 flour blending bins with a storage capacity of 250-500 tons, which can store flour for about three days. The flour blending process under this scale generally adopts 1 ton batching scale and mixer, the maximum output can reach 15 tons/hour.

Flour mills that process more than 300 tons/day should generally set up flour bulk storage bin to increase the storage capacity , so that the storage capacity bin can reach more than three days. There are more than 8 flour blending bins are generally set, and 1 to 2 gluten or starch blending bins can be set as required. The powder blending process under this scale generally adopts 2 ton batching scale and mixer, the maximum output can reach 30 tons/hour. At the same time, 500kg batching scale can be configured as required to weigh gluten, starch, or small-batch flour, so as to improve the flour blending speed.

Out of the bins, the feeding auger controlled by the frequency converter transports the blending flour to the batching scale, and accurately controls the flour of each powder blending proportion after weighing.At the same time, several adding tube of the micro feeder are used to accurately weigh and add various additives into the mixer together with flour. The blended flour enters the packing bin and is packaged into finished products after passing the inspection.


Post time: Nov-15-2021