Grain Cleaning Equipment

  • TCRS Series Rotary Separator

    TCRS Series Rotary Separator

    Widely used in farms, mills, cereals shops and other grain processing facilities.
    It is used to remove light impurities such as chaff, dust and others, fine impurities such as sand, small weed seeds, small chipped grains and coarse contaminants such as straw, sticks, stones, etc. from the main Grain.

  • TQSF Series Gravity Destoner

    TQSF Series Gravity Destoner

    TQSF series gravity destoner for grain cleaning, To remove stone, To classify grain, To remove light impurities and so on. 

  • Vibro Separator

    Vibro Separator

    This high performance vibro separator, together with the aspiration channel or recycling aspiration system is widely used in flour mills and silos.

  • Rotary Aspirator

    Rotary Aspirator

    Plane rotary screen is mainly used for cleaning or grading raw materials in milling, feed, rice milling, chemical industry and oil extraction industries. By replacing different meshes of sieves, it can clean impurities in wheat, corn, rice, oil seed and other granular materials.
    The screen is wide and then flow is big, cleaning efficiency is high, flat rotation movement is stable with low noise. Equipped with aspiration channel, it performs with clean environment.

  • TCXT Series Tubular Magnet

    TCXT Series Tubular Magnet

    TCXT Series tubular Magnet for grain cleaning, To remove steel impurity.

  • Drawer Magnet

    Drawer Magnet

    The magnet of our trusted drawer magnet is made of high performance rare earth permanent magnetic materials. So this equipment is a great iron removing machine for industries like food, medicine, electronics, ceramic, chemical, and so on.

  • Inserted High Pressure Jet Filter

    Inserted High Pressure Jet Filter

    This machine is used at top of silo for dust removal and small air volume single point dust removal.It is widely used in flour mills, warehouses and mechanized grain depots.

  • TSYZ Wheat Pressure Dampener

    TSYZ Wheat Pressure Dampener

    Flour mill equipment-TSYZ Series pressure dampener plays an important role in wheat moisture regulation during the process of wheat cleaning in flour mills.

  • Intensive Dampener

    Intensive Dampener

    The Intensive Dampener is the main equipment for wheat water regulation in the process of wheat cleaning in flour mills.It can stabilize the wheat dampening quantity, ensure the dampening of wheat grain evenly, improve the grinding performance, enhance the bran toughness, reduce the endosperm strength and reduce the adhesion of bran and endosperm which is beneficial to improve the efficiency of grinding and powder sieving.

  • MLT Series Degerminator

    MLT Series Degerminator

    The machine for corn degerming, Equipped with several highly advanced techniques, comparing with similar machine from overseas, MLT series of degerminator prove to be best in peeling and de-germinating process.

  • Air-Recycling Aspirator

    Air-Recycling Aspirator

    The air-recycling aspirator is mainly used for granular materials cleaning in grain storage, flour, feed, pharmaceutical, oil, food, brewing and other industries. The air-recycling aspirator can separate low density impurities and granular materials (such as wheat, barley, paddy, oil, corn, etc.) from grain. The air-recycling aspirator adopts closed cycle air form, so the machine itself has the function of removing dust. This can save other dust removal machines. And due to it doesn’t exchange air with the outside world, therefore, it can avoid the loss of heat, and doesn’t pollute the environment.

  • Scourer


    The horizontal scourer is generally working together with an aspiration channel or a recycling aspiration channel at its outlet. They can efficiently get rid of detached shell particles or surface dirt from the grain. 

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