Laboratory Wheat Mill


The laboratory wheat mill is equivalent to a micro flour mill. In addition to preparing experimental samples, it can also be used to analyze wheat flour extraction rate. Grain collection and storage enterprises achieve high quality and good price for grain purchase according to the data provided by the laboratory machinery, which is a essential equipment for evaluating high-quality wheat. Flour processing enterprises can reasonably match different quality raw wheat according to the data provided by the instrument, so as to strengthen or adjust the product quality, which can not only reduce the consumption of high-quality raw materials, but also make full use of poor quality raw materials, which will bring the best economic benefits to the enterprise.

The independent design of break and reduction system can obtain bran, semolina, fine and coarse bran. At the same time. Both break and reduction system adopt efficient four roller continuous three pass grinding structure. The grinding roller has good wear resistance and long service life. Fully automatic, without intermediate screening. The break and reduction are easy to clean, and screen is cleaned automatically.Operation is simple and convenient. The results were stable and reproducible.Also samples are close to the actual production quality, then study and determine the milling potential of the samples, and study the grinding quality of wheat.

Post time: Dec-02-2021