The shipment for Indonesian customer


Indonesian customers have purchased screw conveyor, grinders, and cylinder for the flour mill equipment, which have been delivered.

Screw conveyors can be used for horizontal and inclined transportation. It is mostly used for the transportation of bulk materials.

High-performance grinder has the advantages of small volume, beautiful appearance, lightweight, convenient movement, simple operation, safe to use, without vibration in the operation of the special structure, lowest noise, stable performance, sanitation and cleanliness, extremely low loss, high efficiency, accurate fineness Tune.

Rotary grain separator is designed for cleaning, calibration of cereals and various types of bulk material. Widely used in mills, cereals shops, and other grain processing facilities. It is used to isolate large, fine, and light impurities from the main medium Grain. It cleans from light impurities (lighter than grains that are cleaned) such as chaff, dust and others, from small heavy impurities such as sand, small weed seeds, small chipped grains, and coarse contaminants (larger than such as straw, ears, stones, etc.

Post time: Sep-17-2021